"Our Firm has worked with Waste Service Solutions for several years and partnering with Randy has helped us save money while improving service, costs, efficiencies and elevating the level of recycling efforts. We are very happy to be partnering with WSS!"

Joaquin V. CFO

“We became acquainted with the owner of Waste Service Solutions, Randy Johansen when he was affiliated with Waste Management as our account representative. It was because of that business relationship and Mr. Johansen’s principles and professionalism that when he contacted us about the services his new company could provide we were immediately interested."

"We engaged the services of Waste Service Solutions to check on our current trash and recycling service and let us know if we were getting the best service for our money. Mr. Johansen came back with several options, all of which gave us substantial savings. We chose the best solutions and have been very satisfied with the choice we made with Mr. Johansen’s help."

"I'm happy to recommend the services of Mr. Randy Johansen and Waste Service Solutions!"

Mari Khoury, MBA, LCAM - Community Association Manager

"I highly recommend using Randy and his team at Waste Service Solutions for negotiating substantial savings for your companies waste collection costs. He saved our agency 60% on our garbage collection costs after reviewing our bills and services, and we didn't even have to switch providers. Having previously worked in the industry for years Randy knows the inside tricks of the trade used by waste collection companies to increase fees and add charges onto our invoices over time. What we thought was simply 'the cost of doing business' Waste Service Solutions was able to easily negotiate back off of our invoices. This one instance where you definitely DON'T want to avoid the middle-man! Thank You Randy and Waste Service Solutions!"

Greg Eaton - Vice President Business Development & Operations Lighthouse of Broward

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy and Waste Service Solutions for over 2 years and couldn’t be happier with their service. As the president and property manager for a condominium, Randy’s firm helped us save a considerable amount on our waste removal fees. Not only did he help negotiate better rates, but manages all issues related to our waste services including: scheduling, resolving issues, and making recommendations for container size. I highly recommend Waste Service Solutions!"

Danny M-Board President

"I have had the pleasure of working with Randy Johansen and his firm Waste Service Solutions over the past few months. In all my dealings with Randy, I have always found him to be very professional and knowledgeable of the waste industry. Randy is very thorough and works very well with us in providing different approaches and alternatives to our waste needs. His efforts are helping us tremendously in reducing our waste costs and streamlining the process. I without hesitation recommend Randy and Waste Service Solutions to any organization looking to save money."

Peter Grady, Vice President Grady Marine Construction Inc.